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WELCOME to Universal Truck Rental

Back Ground & Competition

Universal Truck Rental is Canadian Owned and U Haul Truck Rental's Only Canadian Coast to Coast Competitor


One Way Truck Rental Services

  • Coast to Coast Serving All Canadian Cities
  • All of our trucks are covered under 24 hr roadside assistance and GPS tracked for your safety and comfort'
  • Universal Truck rental offers Local Truck Rental Services with packages designed to meet your specific needs.

Rental Trucks For Business

  • Need a truck for your business? Not a problem - just let us know what size - we've got it covered.

Local Truck Rental

  • Universal offers trucks for local rentals with very competitive rates.

Portable Storage Solutions

  • Efficient and affordable moving and self-storage alternative to storage facilities and moving companies.
  • Our portable storage containers take the hassle and worry out of your move.

Stationary & Heated Storage Solutions

  • most efficient and affordable self-storage alternative.
  • our Safe, Secure, Storage yards take the hassle and worry out of storing your personal belongings.